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Sun Hemmi electrical ten inch slide rule. Closed frame, bamboo & celluloid construction, missing cursor. Scales are: LL2,A{B,C}D,LL3//{S,L,T}//Dynamo, volt in well. Inch & cm rulers on edges; tables on reverse. Popper fastening black, cloth covered, card case.  A number 3 “Electro” dating from the 1920s.
Sun Hemmi 150 duplex ten inch slide rule. Open frame bamboo & celluloid construction. Scales are: K,A{B,S,ST,C1}D,L//DF{CF,C1F,C}D. Tan leather case and celluloid sheet of tables. Dates from 1930s.
Sun Hemmi No. 47  ten inch, slide rule. Closed frame, bamboo & celluloid construction. Scales are: A{B,C}D//{S,L,T}. Complete with black card case and English printed instruction booklet. Dates from 1936 to World War II.
Sun Hemmi P281 plastic, ten inch, open frame, simplex slide rule. Scales are: T,K,A{B,C1,C}D,L,S,ST. Complete with blue and gray plastic case. Date code XG for July 1973.
Sun Hemmi P35-S five inch, closed frame, plastic slide rule. Date code WA, January 1972. The rule is mint with leather slip case, instructions and outer card box. Scales are: K,DF{CF,C1,C}D,A//{LL1,LL2,LL3}.
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Hemmi Jirou & Co was founded in 1895 as the first Japanese slide rule manufacturer. Their Sun trademark was registered in 1917. They are particularly renowned for their bamboo and celluloid slide rules. Between 1895 and 1973 they made approximately 15 million slide rules.
Sun Hemmi 40RK ten inch closed frame, bamboo & celluloid slide rule, complete with card case. Plastic cursor. Scales are: A{B,C1,C}D,K//{S,L,T}. Date code ‘MF’ for June 1962.
Sun Hemmi 251 ten inch, duplex bamboo and celluloid slide rule dating from 1951-58, complete with card case. Scales are: L,DF{CF,C1F,C1,C}D,D1//K,A{B,T,S,ST,C}D,LL3,LL2,LL1.
Sun Hemmi No 64 Rietz ten inch closed frame bamboo & celluloid slide rule dating from October 1953, complete with black card case. Scales are: cm\K,A{B,C1,C}D,L\in//{S, ST, T}.
Sun Hemmi P283 ten inch open frame plastic slide rule dating from October 1970 with reversible slide. It has a plastic case. Scales are: K,A,DF{CF,C1,C}D,L,T,S//{LL1,LL2,LL3}
Sun Hemmi No 34RK five inch closed frame bamboo slide rule. It has a leather slip case. The scales are:
Sun Hemmi 149A bamboo 5” duplex slide rule. It has a leather slip case. Its scales are: L,K,A{B,T1,S1,C}D,LL0,LL00//LL01,LL02,LL03,DF{CF,C1F,C1,C}D,LL3,LL2,LL1. Date code VE for May 1971